Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation

Instructor: Mr. Grant Lind
Course Number: 0420
Grade: 10, 11, 12

This course is a general overview of various technologies related to the Power, Energy, Transportation and Manufacturing areas. This "hands-on" modular based course will use various tools of technology including computers and component trainers to develop knowledge and skills in this area.

Prerequisite: None

Learner Outcomes
Graduation Standard: Read, View, Listen (Technical Reading)

The student will work with:

+ emissions and emission testing
+ high energy ignition systems
+ auto computer diagnostics
+ electronics
+ charging systems
+ pneumatics
+ distributorless ignition
+ CNC milling
+ auto CAD Lt
+ fuel injection
+ auto computer applications
+ brake systems
+ starting systems
+ hydraulics
+ small gas engines
+ precision measurement
+ CNC lathe
+ general auto service
+ explore, examine and evaluate career information in the power, energy, transportation, and manufacturing areas

Communications Technology
+ Communications and Imaging Technology
+ Advanced Communications and Imaging Technology
+ Computer Assisted Design (CAD)

Construction Technology
+ Woodworking Technology
+ Residential Construction Technology
+ Furniture Construction and Cabinet Making

Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology
+ Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology
+ Advanced Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology

Any questions? Please contact Technology Education Instructor Mr. David Hawkinson, South Washington County School District 833, Woodbury High School.