Mr. David Hawkinson : Computer Assisted Design, Communications and Imaging Technology
Mr. Tom Nelson : Woodworking, Furniture & Cabinet Making, Residential Construction
Mr. Grant Lind : Power, Energy, Manufacturing  and Transportation Technology

Today's students need to explore a wide range of technical processes, concepts, procedures and related careers to be prepared to make critical decisions in their future careers.

These newly designed classes offer students the opportunity to learn about a variety of technologies and career options. All students must be equipped with the technological knowledge that they will need to be successful in our global society.

Students will explore a variety of technologies through "hands on," Lab based activities using both the traditional and modular approach.

Communications Technology
+ Communications and Imaging Technology
+ Advanced Communications and Imaging Technology
+ Computer Assisted Design (CAD)
Construction Technology
+ Woodworking Technology
+ Residential Construction Technology
+ Furniture Construction and Cabinet Making
Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology
+ Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology
+ Advanced Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation

Any questions? Please contact Technology Education Instructor Mr. David Hawkinson, South Washington County School District 833, Woodbury High School.

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