Advanced Communications and Imaging Technology

Instructor: Mr. David Hawkinson
Course Number: 0442/0443/0444/0445
Grade: 10, 11, 12

(This course may be taken 4 times)

This course provides in depth advanced activities in selected technologies related to the Communications and Imaging areas. This "hands-on" computer based modular lab course has been designed to give the students an opportunity to explore in greater depth the many areas of communications and imaging technologies. College credit through Century College may be earned by registering and successfully completing specific course requirements.

Prerequisite: Communications and Imaging Technology

Learner Outcomes
Graduation Standard: Read, View, Listen (Technical Reading)

The student will work with communications and imaging technologies
in the following areas but not limited to:

+ Photography (black and white)
+ Digital Photography
+ Multimedia and Animation
+ Video Editing and Production
+ Graphics and Animation
+ Adobe PhotoShop
+ Quark Express Desktop Publishing
+ Adobe PageMaker
+ Laser Communications and Holograms
+ VHS and 8mm Movie Making
+ Lasers and Fiber Optics
+ Color Photography
+ Graphic Design applications
+ Digital Speech Synthesis
+ CAD Design and Auto Sketch
+ Adobe Illustrator
+ Web Site Development
+ Advanced Desktop Publishing
+ Explore, examine and evaluate career information in communications and imaging technologies.

Communications Technology
+ Communications and Imaging Technology
+ Advanced Communications and Imaging Technology
+ Computer Assisted Design (CAD)

Construction Technology
+ Woodworking Technology
+ Residential Construction Technology
+ Furniture Construction and Cabinet Making

Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology
+ Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology
+ Advanced Power, Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology

Any questions? Please contact Technology Education Instructor Mr. David Hawkinson, South Washington County School District 833, Woodbury High School.